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  • How to implement new peanut allergy prevention guidelines

    Following are answers to some common questions regarding how to implement recommendations in the AAP-endorsed report on the prevention of peanut allergy.... Read more
  • New Advice For Preventing Peanut Allergy In Young Children

    Fortunately, recent research has shown that by introducing peanut protein into the diet early in life, we can stop many kids from developing peanut allergy in the first place. In response, new guidelines have been released to help parents and doctors do just that.... Read more
  • Secondhand Smoke Linked to Food Allergies in Kids

    Exposure to secondhand smoke in the first few weeks of life could boost the risk that kids will develop food allergies, a new study suggests. "Early life exposure to secondhand smoke is a well-established risk factor for asthma and, in some studies, for allergic sensitization and eczema in children," said study co-author Anna Bergstrom. She is from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.... Read more

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