Hear 3 “Takes” on Peanut Allergy Solutions from National Peanut Board Leaders on FAACT Podcast

If you would like to listen to three distinct perspectives on addressing peanut allergies and the impact America’s peanut farmers have made on finding solutions, then tune into FAACT’s Roundtable Podcast. The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT) host Caroline Moassessi recently interviewed Bob Parker, the National Peanut Board’s (NPB) president and CEO; Sherry Coleman Collins, MS, RDN, LD, and NPB’s peanut allergy consultant; and Casey Cox, NPB’s Georgia alternate and a sixth-generation peanut farmer. Click each episode title to hear the podcast.

How the National Peanut Board Impacts Food Allergy Research

Bob Parker not only talked about the National Peanut Board’s priority on finding peanut allergy solutions, but he also shows his personal connection with food allergies with the story of his grandson’s allergy to peanuts. He talks frankly about the ups and downs of their family’s journey toward becoming peanut-allergy-free with oral immunotherapy (OIT). Also hear how the National Peanut Board’s food allergy programs have expanded over the years. He shared that to date the board has invested $32 million dollars to support food allergy research, education, and outreach initiatives.

Nutrition and Food Allergies – Leveling up with Sherry Coleman Collins

Sherry Coleman Collins provided listeners with powerhouse nutrition tips and ideas for healthy eating when living with food allergies. Collins shared what inspired her to connect with food and nutrition communication, how working with a registered dietitian nutritionist can help both the food-allergic and non-allergic find the right foods for their nutritional needs, and how to cut through the clutter of nutrition information available today.

How a Peanut Farmer Became an Advocate for Food Allergies

Sixth-generation peanut farmer and National Peanut Board alternate, Casey Cox, shares her story of returning home from college to help run the family’s farm in southeast Georgia. Not only did Casey talk about the joys and challenges of decision-making on the farm, but she shared her pride in the peanut farmers’ role in tackling the issue of peanut and food allergies with the National Peanut Board. Casey tells why it is important for her to be involved in helping peanut allergy sufferers and the global support accomplished by her fellow farmers for the food allergy community.