The Peanut Podcast’s First Two Episodes on Peanut Allergy

The first two episodes of The Peanut Podcast are live and focus on peanut allergy. Hosts Lauren and Lindsay dive deep into peanut allergies and share why NPB has been committed for the issue for more than 20 years, starting with Virginia peanut farmer, Dee Dee Darden.

In Episode 1, you’ll hear from NPB President & CEO Bob Parker, NPB consultant and registered dietitian Sherry Coleman Collins, NPB Chairman Andy Bell and NPB inaugural Virginia Board member Dee Dee Darden. Our guests shed light on the early dark days of peanut allergies, challenges with diagnosing peanut allergies and our commitment to peanut allergy research.

In Episode 2, we speak to Bob Parker, Sherry Coleman Collins and NPB agency partner marketing expert Mark Dvorak and take a deep dive into peanut allergy treatment and early introduction of peanut foods to infants, as well as the study that changed what we know about peanut allergy prevention.

In The Peanut Podcast, you’ll learn the high points of where we’ve been, what’s been accomplished and what the future looks like for peanut allergy. Listen below or at