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The science continues to build for the early introduction of peanuts and other foods to prevent allergies from developing.  And the National Peanut Board and partners continue to expand to help parents and providers alike navigate and implement this critical step in an infant’s development.

Bookmark the site for access to the key studies that changed the guidelines for introducing peanuts and other potential allergens.  You’ll also find tips on how to feed peanut foods, answers to frequently asked questions and sharable materials and videos for parents.

New NPB-sponsored course helps you champion prevention with patients

Peanut Allergy Prevention through Early Introduction – a new online Pedialink CE course from the American Academy of Pediatrics – is available free to healthcare providers who work with young infants.

“Studies of pediatricians, in particular, continue to show a gap between what they know about preventing food allergies and what they are doing to encourage new parents to act,” explained Sherry Coleman Collins, MS, RDN, LD.  “This course directly addresses the most common barriers and equips providers to answer tough questions.”

The course takes a little more than one hour to complete, and introduces participants to some of the nation’s leading pediatric allergists through short videos that offer coaching and support.  Peanut Allergy Prevention through Early Introduction is available for credit for pediatricians and most other allied health care providers – though the content is so important a number of parents, medical students and allergy activists have also completed it.

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