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  • How Can Peanut Allergies Be Prevented?

    To keep your kids from developing an allergy to peanuts, should you give them nuts at an early age or withhold them? For years the debate has generated more heat than light, but today a landmark study led by King’s College London researchers offers some potent evidence that suggests giving peanuts to infants dramatically decreases the risk of developing an allergy to peanuts…. Read more
  • Treatment reduces kids’ peanut allergy risk up to 86%

    For years, parents were told that the best way to prevent kids from becoming allergic to peanuts was to withhold peanuts from their children’s diet. That advice couldn’t have been more wrong, a new study shows. For the first time, researchers have shown that children who are regularly fed small amounts of peanuts from their infancy are actually less likely than others to develop peanut allergies…. Read more