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  • Managing food allergens at restaurants: Perspective from an industry expert

    In this Q&A, William Weichelt, Director of ServSafe for the National Restaurant Association shares perspective and tips on managing food allergens at restaurants…. Read more
  • Food Allergy Means More Than Just Peanuts

    Being a parent of children with food allergies can be challenging, It is something that forces you to plan things out, learn that you can’t just eat anywhere, and it makes giving your child independence even harder. I know this all too well as I am a food allergy mom. I am also a certified asthma educator and a food allergy educator. In fact, I grew up with life-threatening asthma and allergies, though none of my allergies were anaphylactic. I was still treated the same way—lots of shots of EPI! And when I was 12, I had an asthma attack that left me with a collapsed lung and intubated for four days. … Read more

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  • No proof to back most peanut plane fears inquiry finds

    Minister’s probe finds ‘limited risk’ of in-flight reaction due to anything other than ingestion… Read more
  • FARE’s Dr. Baker: What LEAP Means to the Food Allergy Community

    It may be frustrating to change direction on introducing peanut to children, but here’s why it is the right course. No food allergy studies in the past decade have garnered more news coverage than LEAP and LEAP-On, published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2015 and 2016, respectively. Unfortunately, while generating headlines, these ground-breaking studies have also caused much confusion and stress among food allergy parents…. Read more