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  • 5 Steps for Managing Food Allergies at Ballgames: Perspective from a Mom

    Going to your hometown baseball game to catch your favorite team in action may be a tradition for some families, but may also be a worrisome time for those with food allergies. We spoke with Lisa Giuriceo about how her family manages their daughter’s food allergies, while still enjoying their favorite pastimes. Her daughter, Patricia, is a 14 year old teenager who is allergic to wheat, eggs, fish, peanuts, tree nuts, oats, rye, barley peas, green beans and sesame seeds. … Read more
  • Why I Care: Q&A with Food Allergy Expert, Dr. Ruchi Gupta

    Board-certified pediatrician and health services researcher, Dr. Ruchi Gupta, MD, MPH, spoke with us about her work in food allergies. She is nationally recognized for her groundbreaking research in the area of food allergy epidemiology; specifically her research on childhood food allergy prevalence. Learn how she got involved in studying food allergies as well as her perspective on her recent study and tips for parents to keep in mind to effectively manage food allergies…. Read more

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