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  • The myth of flying peanuts: not so deadly after all

    By the time the Ryanair flight had touched down, four-year-old Fae Platten had been taken away by paramedics and a group of passengers were converging menacingly on a Zimbabwean man they accused of trying to kill her. His crime? He had ignored requests by the air stewardess to refrain from eating nuts on the flight and had opened a packet while sitting four rows behind the girl. The major allergic reaction it triggered nearly killed her. … Read more
  • To Fight Peanut Allergies, Give Peanuts to Babies, Pediatricians Advise

    It might be frightening and counter-intuitive advice, but giving peanut products to babies before they’re a year old may help prevent allergies from develop later, a pediatricians’ group suggested Monday.New guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics highlights recent research that shows completely avoiding peanut products before allergies show up might make the problem worse. … Read more